Hotel Jaipur Palace - A Truly Enticing Experience In The Royal Thresholds Of Rajasthan!

Khamba Khani all of you! Lalit Chandran wishing you a warm hello! I am a true Rajasthani, by heart and by deeds. I am living in Jaipur since my birth and I am proud of maaro Rajasthan! The reason I have created the blog is to provide you a total Rajasthani experience from my eyes.

Best attractions in Jaipur
Best attractions in Jaipur | Image Resource :

I have been to almost every place in Rajasthan, to various monuments and museums and understood how rich our heritage is. Some of the best attractions in Jaipur include Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Rambagh Palace, and Amer Fort, which were few of my favourites. In order to experience royalty, I booked a deluxe room at Hotel Jaipur Palace. The hotel is known for the classic charm it has, which not just attracts Indians but foreigners as well.

From outside, the hotel looked classic and neat. While I entered the hotel, the staff beautifully dressed in Indian attire greeted me in a Rajasthani way by applying a tikka on my forehead and offering me flowers. The interiors were clean, shiny and sophisticatedly designed. I could see modern architecture in all the surroundings. My room was indeed beautiful and my heart skipped a beat seeing the royal touches and I simply fell in love with the way it was aesthetically designed.

Guest enjoying folk dance at Hotel Jaipur Palace
Guest enjoying folk dance at Hotel Jaipur Palace

As I freshened up, I got an invite from the hotel staff for the Rajasthani events organized in the hotel premises such as puppet show and folk dance. I didn’t want to miss it, as it was the essence of the state. I enjoyed the shows completely and even made interactions with the tourists, some were from South India and there were some who came a long way from Chicago.

Enjoy the delicious meals
Enjoy the delicious meals | Image Resource :

It was afternoon and I was dying to enjoy the delicious meals. I headed to Mehak Restaurant. The menu was indeed traditional and I decided to enjoy the authentic Rajasthani delicacies. The ambience was peaceful and I had a unique experience.

Swimming Pool Hotel Jaipur Palace
Swimming Pool Hotel Jaipur Palace

For recreation, the hotel had a swimming pool, lounge and a pub. I relaxed for sometime at the lounge and had a small chat with some international tourists and listened to their experiences in Rajasthan and India. The sun was about to set, and my new friends requested me to have coffee with them. The coffee shop of the hotel was splendid; it was perfect for formal meetings. We enjoyed hot cups of coffee and  also indulged in long hours of chat!

I planned my next day to relax and enjoy the food at another restaurant of the hotel Tapas, which was a terrace garden restaurant. I didn’t realize my royal time came to an end, but I was happy to spend some peaceful time at the most popular hotel of Rajasthan- City palace Jaipur.

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