Life In Trams And The Delicious Bengali Street Food: Best Things To Do In Kolkata!

Hello readers, I am Lalit Chandran and I am a self employed businessman. I am from Rajasthan and that has been a major force in moulding me into a person who loves to admire museums, forts and other monuments which holds historic importance. Through  this blog post, I would like to write about the brilliant city of Kolkata.

city of Kolkata
Most attractions in brilliant city of Kolkata | Image Resource :

The  city of Kolkata has been forged into the history books with great historic importance. The reason is that most of India’s remarkable achievements have stemmed from this  city. And hence a visit to this city is paramount, and even more if you’re an Indian. And if you’re interested about the things to do in Kolkata, this blog should help!

Admiring The British Made Architecture Is One Of The Best Things To Do In Kolkata

World famous Bengal Tiger
World famous Bengal Tiger | Image Resource :

The Sunderbans in Kolkata, home to the world famous Bengal Tiger, is a treat to the eyes. Apart from the mighty cats, one gets to experience the mangroves. A Sunderban house boat day tour should never be missed, as it covers all the important sights of the Sunderbans.

Sunderban house boat tour
Sunderban house boat tour | Image Resource :

Kolkata is most famous for its delicious street food. Few iconic places such as Vivekannada Park, Zaika Park street, Dacre Lane, etc., have all been revered for their delicacies  by the residents and the tourists alike.

Delicious street food at Dacre Lane
Delicious street food at Dacre Lane | Image Resource :

Get Yourself Immersed In The Bengali Culture – Best Things To Do In Kolkata

Eden Garden in Kolkata
Eden Garden in Kolkata | Image Resource :

The Eden Garden, in Kolkata  is another necessary addition to the things to do in Kolkata list. The cricket stadium is one of the oldest and historically revered stadiums in the gentle man’s- game world. Many legends have been produced and the stadium has witnessed many enthralling encounters over centuries.

Marble Palace in Kolkata
Marble Palace in Kolkata | Image Resource :

To admire the best of neoclassical architecture, the Marble Palace in Kolkata is the place. The palatial building and its exquisitely carved marble pillars are a delight to watch. Few other important places include Malik ghat flower market, Victoria  Memorial, Belur Math and Tagore’s House. The  best of India, compressed in one city – That’s what I would call Kolkata as.

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