Golkonda Fort Hyderabad – A Gorgeous and Historic Structure of Hyderabad

The iconic Charminar was astonishing and its architecture is a symbol of expertise and craftsmanship. I enjoyed and cherished the shopping stalls and the Hyderabadi Byriyani  at the nearby local streets.  The experience in the Charminar made my day and the visit to the place was truly memeorable. From there I went to another historical place the Golkonda fort.

Golkonda Fort Hyderabad
Golkonda Fort Hyderabad | Image Resource : historicaltimeofindia.blogspot.com

Situated on the western outskirts of Hyderabad, the fort looks gigantic and I felt the fort has a   little kingdom in it. The architectural excellence and royalty of the kings and Navabs were showcased in it structure, the gigantic walls and the rustic gates were very attractive. I remembered the precious gem Kohinoor Diamond was excavated near this place.  

The huge walls of 20 feet high and the massive gate of the fort were very attractive and it magnetized everyone’s attention. I moved inside the fort and the view of the Fateh Darwaza or the gateway of Victory is one of the things which attracted me the most.

Fateh Darwaza
Fateh Darwaza | Image Resource : c1.staticflickr.com

The fort houses several segments such as beautiful halls, temples, mosques, apartments and so on. It also possesses royal stables where the royal horses and other animals were kept. I moved around the fort exploring each and every corner of it.

The gardens inside the fort were more than 400 years old. I have to walk a lot inside the fort.  There was light and sound show in the evening which narrated the story of the fort and the history of Hyderabad. The narration was very effective as it was done with sound and light. I felt it would help the students visiting this place to remember the history of Hyderabad.

Kohinoor Diamond at Golkonda Fort Hyderabad
Kohinoor Diamond at Golkonda Fort Hyderabad | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

It was evening by the time I came out of the fort. I came back to my hotel room. I stayed in Golkonda Resorts and Spa. It is a very good hotel where one could spend his/her vacation enjoying. The dinner served were lip smacking. The experience in the fort was very amazing; The Kohinoor diamond reminded me about the history of India and the British rule.   I goosed into the bed after spending some time reading books.

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