Charminar – The Architectural Wonder of the Pearl City

My visit to the Chowmahalla Palace gave an enchanting experience for me. The true culture and heritage of this beautiful Pearl City reflected there.  Next destination in my itinerary was the most visited historic monument and the symbol of Hyderabad the Charminar.

Charminar Hyderabad
Charminar Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Charminar is well-known the most famous tourist attraction of Hyderabad and is the architectural marvel of the pearl-city. All the four minartes which opens to the beautiful streets in the city gives its name Charminar which means four minartes. This is the epitome of Islamic architecture.

I went to the upper floor of the Charminar and could view the beautiful city. The view of the Mecca Masjid was very mesmerizing from the Charminar. This beautiful structure is truly a crown of the city and adds beauty to its culture and architecture. The accessibility to this place is very easy as this place is thickly populated. Because of this reason no parking place is available in this place.

upper floor of the Charminar
upper floor of the Charminar | Image Resource :

I bought some pearls from the Pather Gatti where pearl are available in plenty. The visitors can purchase good pearls here at reasonable price. Beautiful collections of bangles and other jewelry are also available here. I could understand from the local people that it would be much crowded during weekend and it is not good time for shopping.

Another famous thing in place is the Hyderabadi Biryani which is very famous in Laad bazaar very near to Charminar. Beofre tasting the Byriayani I visited the Bhagya Laxmi temple in front of the Charminar which is also worthwhile for a visit.

very famous Hyderabadi  Briyani in Laad bazaar
very famous Hyderabadi Briyani in Laad bazaar | Image Resource :

I got one plate of Hyderabadi Biryani, the taste of it was truly enticing and tempt us to have it again and again. The foodies can have good time here. This edifice is really worth a visit except for the populated streets and the pollutions the crowd is creating. 

I spend more time in the streets exploring artifacts and I bought some souvenirs. Once I was done with the visit to Charminar and the streets nearby I retired to my room cherishing the architectural beauty of the palaces and Charminar. The taste of the Byriyani still entices my taste buds. Next day I planned to visit the prominent fort in the Pearl City the Golconda Fort. A visit to Hyderabad is incomplete without a visit to Charminar.

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