Falaknuma Palace: The Excellent Imperial Monuments of Hyderabad

The next day I woke up early in the morning and enjoyed my aromatic coffee brewed in the coffee maker provided in the hotel. I planned my itinerary last night and Falaknuma palace was my first targeted place of my itinerary. Being a lover of historical monuments I read a lot about the palace and I was eager to visit the palace.

This royal monument has its own architectural style and always a treat to the eyes to watch and explore.  I headed towards this very famous tourist spot.  Falaknuma palace is one of the highly regarded palaces in India for its architectural beauty and style.

Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad
Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Managed and maintained by the Taj Hotel groups, Falaknuma Palace extents more than 32 acres of land. The construction of this massive structure was started in 1884 and was completed in 1893. The construction of this palace is in the shape of a scorpion. It consist of the main building, the kitchen and the Gol Balgala, Zenana mahal and harem quarters. The building showcases both Italian and Tudor architecture which are a true delight for the visitors.

It was explained that it was renovated later in 2000 into a grand hotel by Taj Gorups. All the rooms are well-furnished with ornate furniture. The massive 101 seating dining hall is considered to be the largest dining hall in the world. I was astonished by seeing the artifacts and the carving of the palace. The wooden ceilings were very  unique

The largest dining hall in the world at Palace
The largest dining hall in the world at Palace | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

It was said that the construction of the palace took more than 9 years to complete. Today the palace consists of 60 rooms and 22 halls. This grand palace indeed a remarkable place in Hyderabad and a must see spot here. I explored every nook and corners of the palace and its fascinating architectural beauty and elegant furnishings.

The palace clearly shows that the builder of this palace was a very good traveler since it depicted different architectural styles around the world. Another remarkable feature of this massive structure is the whole palace is constructed of pure Italian Marble. The beautifully stained glass windows dispersed an array of beautiful colors of lights inside the rooms. I truly had a royal feeling inside the palace. I spent several hours there  and I headed towards the next destination.

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