Travel From Jaipur Airport to Hyderabad Airport by Indigo Airlines- An Enchanting Journey

You were reading my blogs for a long time and as you know being a travel freak and I love to visit historical places, old monuments and cities.  Though I live in the capital city of Rajasthan, the pink city of India offers plenty of monuments and historical places, I love to explore the culture of India and I planned to visit Hyderabad this time. Hyderabad is a very good city to visit and it offers plenty of historical places and a perfect place for a person like me.

Monuments and Historical places in Hyderabad
Monuments and Historical places in Hyderabad | Image Resource :

I booked my ticket in Indigo Airlines which was very convenient for me.  Indigo operates with only Airbus A320 flights that help to reduce operational overhead. Hence my traveling from Jaipur to Hyderabad was very economical.

Jaipur International Airport is situated about 12 to 15 kilometers from Jaipur city hence I took a cab and reached the airport earlier. The airport was crowded since many people from all over the world visit this place to enjoy the beauty of the Pink City.

Indigo Airlines
Indigo Airlines | Image Resource :

Jaipur Airport offers best connectivity and it was recognized as an International airport in 2005. The new terminal of the airport has the capacity to accommodate around 14 A320 aircraft and can handle around 1000 passengers.

The airport was very convenient as it offers advance facilities such as departure area, advanced Common Use Terminal Equipment counters for check in, escalators, advanced flight info display system and so on. The Jaipur Hydrabad flight was on time and I reached the International airport of Hyderabad very conveniently. The airport is otherwise known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport | Image Resource :

The airport is well-equipped with the coffee shops; plenty of eateries, restaurants, even hotels were available at the airport. I liked to spend my vacation in a calm place hence I booked my room at Golkonda Resorts. I booked a cab online from Hyderabad airport to my hotel room as it was more than 22 kilometers away from the airport.   

I reached my Hotel room and spend my rest of the day very peacefully enjoying the hotel spa and other facilities. That night I planned for the places to visit in the forth coming days.

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