The Goddess of Peace – A Visit to Shanta Durga Temple of Goa

I was very thrilled after the visit to Fort Aguada. It was a different kind of a visit because for the first time I witnessed Portuguese architecture in India. My visit to the Fort ended by 5 PM and I had enough time to head for my next destination which was one of the famous temples in Goa known as Shanta Durga Temple.

Shanta Durga Temple
Shanta Durga Temple | Image Resource :

The temple is located close to the capital city of Goa, Panaji. It is spread in a large area covering 33 km and is located on a hilly area of Panaji known as Kavalem. The structure of the temple is majestic in the sense that its rooftop is carved out of blocks stones. There are four temple out of which the main temple lies in the centre. The main temple complex possesses a quaint which catches the eyes and every visitor. The floor of the temple complex is beautifully made from the Kashmiri stones. The main attraction inside the temple complex is the Dipa Stambh which has an enormous tank and some guest houses.

Deepa Stambha of the Temple
Deepa Stambha of the Temple | Image Resource :

The temple has images and idol of the Goddess Shanta durga or the Goddess of Peace who is highly revered by the natives of Goa. It is said that when Portuguese attacked Goa in the year 1567, the old temple of Shanta Durga was destroyed and this new one at Ponda was later constructed in the year 1740.

The visit to this temple was a peaceful one. The lush green surroundings and the temple complex in between made the temple look very attractive and exotic. One can find thousands of devotees who pay a visit to this temple on a daily basis. I spent some nice 2 to 3 hours in the temple exploring every corner of the complex.

Once I was done with the visit to the Shanta Durga temple I was headed back for my hotel to have dinner and get some sleep. The next day I decided to start my trip with a visit to the State Museum of Goa to know some unknown facts about this wonderful Indian state. 

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