Rajmachi Fort, Lonavala – Standing Tall Still Now

I was almost at the end of my sightseeing and adventurous trip to Lonavala. The entire trip was memorable and I wanted to account the details in my blogs. The last place to visit in my itinerary was the Rajmachi Fort, which required a lot of trekking. I had kept this as my last sightseeing spot for I wanted to go trekking to fort from Lonavala, which is around 20 km distance. Nevertheless, there is a tough route of 4 km from Kondivade Village near Karjat, but that is not advisable when you are alone or during the monsoon.

I started off early in the morning for I wanted to accompany a group trekking from Lonavala. Fortunately, I could find a small group of three young college students, who loved my presence in the group. I should admit that it was a long walk; nonetheless, we halted at a few places and had snacks to refresh ourselves. We took around four hours before we reached the Rajmachi Fort.

Rajmachi Fort
Rajmachi Fort | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

A small village in the Sahayadri Mountains, Rajmachi was famous for its two forts, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. I learned that the fort complex was built by the Satavahanas. It had a bitter history of being captured by different rulers during 1657 and 1704 by Maharaj Shivaji and Emperor Aurangzeb respectively. Later, the fort was taken over by the British.

We walked to the Shrivardhan Fort, which looked perched on the hill. We witnessed a number of monuments other than the walls and bulwarks, secret gates, temples, and residential quarters. I could also find some more structures like reservoirs, buildings, which looked like administrative offices and water tanks. The Manaranjan Fort too had many historical structures like military and administrative buildings. There were three entrances to this fort.

Rajmachi Fort Water Tanks
Rajmachi Fort Water Tanks | Image Resource : youtube.com

The temples, which featured one of the important buildings, are found among the ruins in the forts. I was told that efforts are taken by the Maharashtra government to preserve most of the structures here.

We had a good three hours walking around the forts and I had to return for I had booked a train ticket for the night. I bade goodbye to my young friends and climbed down to find a transport to Lonavala.

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