Lonavala Hill Station – Heavenly Place on Earth

Hill stations offer unique experience to anyone for they help you experience nature from close quarters. The beautiful valleys, splendid landscapes, stunning waterfalls and rolling mountains are some of the features of hill stations. Khandala is no different from that. Positioned pretty well among the Sahayadri Mountains, this scenic place has grown to become the most sought-after place for the tourists.

Lonavala Hill Station
Lonavala Hill Station | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The morning was quite pleasant and I started off my day with a hot cup of tea looking at the mountains, which looked quite green. I had fixed my itinerary and the first place I wanted to visit was the Lonavala Hill Station. Khandala and Lonavala are the twin hill stations and for that reason I could hardly miss visiting Lonavala, which is just three kilometers from the resort. I thought of hiring a cab for my sightseeing trips for it can help me save time.

A picturesque place located at the height of over 2000 feet above sea level, Lonavala can mesmerize anyone with its salubrious climate, lush greenery and wonderful exquisiteness. When I reached the hilltop, I was taken aback by the glorious valleys and resplendent scenery around. I traveled further to reach the Bushy Dam, which was crafted by mason on the River Indrayani. The monsoon was not active in this region, so there was not enough water in the dam. Nonetheless, I like the beauty around the place.

Bushy Dam
Bushy Dam | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

I spent some time over there and moved on to visit the Valvan Dam, which is known to be the gravity dam. A local visitor nearby updated me that this dam provided necessary water to the Khopoli Power Plant, which is owned by Tata Power. The water source for this dam is from the River Kundali, which has its origin in the Western Ghats.

Tiger Point Lonavla
Tiger Point Lonavla | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

I stayed there for some time enjoying the beauty of the place and the children playing in the garden nearby. Next, I went to the Tiger’s Leap, which is a popular spot, where you can see the wonder of nature making it look like a tiger leaping into the valley. There was a crowd of people enjoying the wonderful nature. It was getting late and I had to move to the next place in my itinerary the Lohagad Fort.

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