My Train Travel from Jaipur to Lonavala by JP Pune Special – Making it a Pleasure

In real life, days are never the same as they are filled with challenges and being a businessman, I am always in stress because I have to keep my clients satisfied. I have been in Rajasthan most of the time and have learned and experienced the history and culture here. Anything about history and places, I love them very much. For this reason, I travel across India to explore the historical places and structures and food whenever I get time. I had an opportunity to visit Lonavala recently and I wanted to account the details of my visit in my blog.

It was after one of my busy business visits, I planned a sightseeing trip to Lonavala. I always believed traveling with all comforts and therefore, booked a first class in JP Pune Special train. Though there were many Jaipur to Lonavala trains, I preferred this for it is a special train and available only once in week.

Jaipur Junction
Jaipur Junction | Image Resource :

A convenient train for anyone, this special train started from the Jaipur Junction at 10.05 pm. I had to pack my bags urgently as I just came after my business trip. After dinner, I left for the Jaipur Railway Station, which was just a few-minute drive from my home. The train took off at the right time and I settled in my berth waiting for the Train Ticket Examiner to check my ticket, so that I can go to bed quickly.

At some time at 12.30 pm, I realized the train stopped at the Ajmer Station. A few travelers boarded the train. It was early in the morning at 6.53 that I woke up to find the train at the Abu Road.  One of the co-passengers joined me to have a little conversation and we talked about the garment business in the country.

JP Pune Special
JP Pune Special | Image Resource :

I had my breakfast at the Ahmedabad Junction, where I indulged in chole puri and dal vada, the special dishes of Ahmedabad. The JP Pune Special train traveled quickly passing Anand Junction, Vadodara Junction, and Vasai Road and reached Lonavala in the midnight at 12.40 pm. My journey ended in one of the Jaipur to Lonavala trains, making it an exciting one all along.

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