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Doing business, playing a one man show always brings in lots of stress and tension with it. There are times I would land up being too sulky or get irritated. I have a family and children who obviously do not deserve such venerable behaviour of mine. So, to live a happy and king size life simultaneously I meditate. One of the ultimate way to be a balanced man. It not only helps in releasing stress but also leaves me fresh and happier. It’s been more than a year and now I can proudly say I am a happy man who knows to balance both his personal + work life.

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Today, I would share the benefits of this divine experience “Meditation” has given me:

  • Emotional Balance: It helps me to overcome the ego clashes, hurting experience and fleshes the burden of unpleasant emotions out of my body. This is very difficult, all I would say keep practising.
  • Boost in Immunity: Relaxing through meditation has help me to be fit and fight in the tumours and viruses in my body. Even a study conducted by Ohio State University concluded that progress of muscular reaction when done daily reduces the risk of diseases like cancer, especially breast cancer.
  • Gave Relived from irritable bowel syndrome:  Few months ago, had too much of constipation and bloating problem but since started  relaxing twice a day it gave me lot of relief as well I enjoy food stress free.
  • Increased Fertility: This may sound little too personal to males but it’s a fact the lesser the stress more the sperm count and improved fertility. So give yourself a 10 minutes of Trans break from all the happenings around.
  • Thought Control: Meditation leaves a sense of calmness, I do get at times unpleasant thoughts but they are just passing by where I let go them easily than over-thinking and bringing a storm of rage.  This been possible by meditating daily.

Few, ways by which one can de-stress and meditate:

  • Begin with your mind making it calm, then slowly working down towards your body and soul. Say positive affirmations loud until you feel positive. Scan your body and flesh out the negativity.
  • Concentrate on deep breathing, breathe from your abdomen than only from lungs.  Count when inhale and exhale.
  • Power of “OM” say it 10 mins closing your eyes twice a day you will feel the difference.
  • Imagine anything which is positive and bright this will help you heal and sooth your mind, body and soul.
  • Hope, this will help you my friends, feel free to ask in would love to help you all.

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