Sheesh Mahal Punjab - Most Gregarious Tourist Place in Patiala

The visit to Patiala made me happy and I started feeling it was a good decision to come to this place. Patiala is known as the City of Gardens and Palaces since this place inhibits several beautiful palaces.  After visiting the palace, I headed towards the Punjab’s most popular tourist destination the Sheesh Mahal which is a part of the Qila Mubarak. 

The guide explained me the history of Sheesh Mahal and it was built by the Narendra Singh, 1847. The palace was built with beautiful glasses and his aesthetic senses should be truly admired. This stunning place is a three storied building designed in half European architecture and part Mugal architecture. This aw-inspiring structure is build in the middle of beautiful manmade lakes,fountains and terraces. The vibrant lawns and the watchtowers at the both ends are modeled after Laxman Jhoola.

I walked around the place to enjoy the beauty of it. Every part of the Sheesh Mahal is decorated with awesome and exquisite mirrors and the floral designs craved with mirrors. The murals at the Mahals showcased the religious mythologies and depictions of classical poetry of Surdas, Keshav Das and Bihari Lal.

Sheesh Mahal Punjab
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I was speechless and indulged in the beauty of the Mahal and truly admired the skilled artisans of Rajasthan and Kangr as the decorations showcased the typical styles of Rajastan and Kangar. The most attractive decoration in the Sheesh Mahal is the miniature depicting of Geet Govind by Jaidev.   The Mahal also has a museum which has the finest collections of artifacts and antiques of Maharajas of Patiala. Some of the artifacts include the garments, jewelry, portraits, statues Chinese mirrors engravings, armors, weapons and utensils. The best gallery in the museum is the Medal Gallery as it contains a large range of medals from 12th to 20th century and coins are displayed here. 
Since this place attracted me, I thought of sharing some more information like how to reach there and best time to visit this place. Patiala can be visited from November to February as during summer the temperature increase as other parts in North India. During winter the temperature in this place is ideal between 15° and 20°C. The Mahal is open to public from morning to evening.

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