Pul Kanjari Amritsar- The Beautiful Bridge Built For Moran the Dancer

Pul Kanjari Amritsar
Pul Kanjari Amritsar | Image Resource : joyclubsunil.wordpress.com

I was a bit tired of traveling a long distance from Patialia and I thought of taking rest the next day. I snuggled in the bed watching television until afternoon. In the afternoon I decided to visit Pul Kanjari.

In the afternoon I left to explore Pul kanjari which is located around 35 km from Amritsar.  It is situated in a village called Dhanoe Kalan. Pul Kanjari is the place where Maharaja Ranjit Singh used to stay when he visits Amritsar.

The ‘pul kanjari which is a bridge built by the Maharaja for the dancer named “Moran" who came from the village Makhanpura. She was a dancer in the court. She has to cross a small canal which was built by the Empire to serve the irrigation purpose. Once while crossing the river she lost her silver sandals which was gifted by the Maharaja as the canal lacked a proper bridge during that time. She was disappointed by the lost and refused to dance in the Royal court.

History of Pul Kanjari
History of Pul Kanjari | Image Resource : bcmtouring.com

The Maharaja Ranjit Singh immediately ordered to build a bridge on the canal. Since dancers were not honored those days they were called Kanjari hence the name Pul Kanjari. Later the King was punished for having relationship with Moran and he was fined.

Later in 1965 Pul Kanjri was conquered by the Pakistani army and in 1971 it was recaptured by the Indian army. A memorial column was constructed to pay homage to the jawans who made sacrifices to recapture this place. Today this place is renovated and it gives a new look I enjoyed the Mosque, Mandir, Baradari and a Sarovar which were renovated I felt really worth visiting this place.

Indo Pak War Memorial
Indo Pak War Memorial | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

The Shiv temple is located on the right side of the memorial and is constructed using Nanakshahi Bricks. The roof and walls were constructed in fresco work. The Sarovar where the water is stored from the canal  is open to the public to have a dip. The Baradari is the place where Maharaja Ranjit Singh stayed and it has 12 doors. I spent until evening exploring the beauty of the places and retired to the hotel cherishing the beauty of the place.

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