Golden Temple Amritsar- Some Quality time at the pool of ambrosial nectar

I woke up early in the morning and enjoyed the scenic beauty of Amritsar relishing my morning coffee. I Planned my complete outing schedule in Amritsar which I feel would be easy for me to cover all the areas in this holy place.  I started my outing with perhaps the most traditional and holiest place in this city the Golden Temple.

The Golden Temple in Amritsar is considered to be the holiest place in this place and the religious centre for Sikhs. It is also a symbol of equality and brotherhood.  All people from different religion visit this place to get the blessing of Sri Guru ji.

Entrance to Golden Temple
Entrance to Golden Temple | Image Resource :

Moreover people visit this place for religious fulfillment and to explore the historical legacy of Sikhs. I reached the temple around 10 am and was spell bound by seeing the architectural beauty of the temple. It is designed with unique Sikh traditional architecture. The building is constructed below the surrounding land level which makes the temple unique. The temple is decorated with marble and sculptures and is located in serene environment amidst the forest.

The temple is surrounded by holy lake and is best place for a meditation retreat.  Amritsar means "pool of ambrosial nectar.” which indicates the drink of the gods, which has the power to heal everything and it hs the power of immortality.

Golden Temple Amirtsar
Golden Temple Amirtsar | Image Resource :

When I entered the temple complex there was continuous bhajan of Gurbani Kirtan was going on. It is chanted throughout the at Sri Harimandir Sahib from morning to evening until the time of closing.  (Moreover the whole premise is cleaned after the departure of the Palki Sahib.

In the early morning once the precincts were cleaned and the rugs were spread and Peer Shaib is placed on the rug and Sri Guru Granth Sahib is installed. After the completion of Ardas holy offering the Karah Prasad is distributed among the devotees. The weapons of the Guru Sahib are displayed around 8 pm.

The beautiful architecture and the serenity fascinated me I explored the hoy encryption on the temple for little more time and headed towards my next detonation

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