Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bangalore– See the Nature’s Creatures Making a New Residing Place

As my journey started with a trip to many holy places, I was a bit far away from the nature itself. So the visit to the botanical garden made me feel complete. Built by the Sultan of India, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens Bangalore was alluring. The place is also an internationally renowned one for study of plants and botanical artwork along with the conservation of plants.

The presence of the formal and informal style dominates the garden by flourishing peace and harmony all over the garden. With over 240 acres of area, it was indeed a long way to travel but I was prepared for it. The place is both a rarity and a wonder which makes it a prominent landmark of Bangalore. Well laid out lanes and information stop in every corner made it easy to know the place and roam through my favourite spot.

Lalbagh Glass House in the Botanical Garden
Lalbagh Glass House in the Botanical Garden | Image Resource :

The enriched botanical garden had the presence of numerous native as well as exotic plants. Out of the entire places, the glasshouse was the best one there. If Bangalore’s entire garden area is a necklace then Lalbagh botanical garden is the pearl placed in the centre with beaming charisma. The place is also much known for exhibition of bright flowers every year, but sadly my trip was not planned during that period.

Flower show at The Glass House
Flower show at The Glass House | Image Resource :

After the glasshouse, I visited the pigeon room. I have never seen so many pigeons under a single roof. It was like hay and this time I was the needle. Not only exotic birds but also the birds that were rescued from some serious troubles also got a decent place to be cured. A section of the garden also presented the information about the birds and exotic plants that are available. That bulk info did teach me many new things about the birds that were hidden from my knowledge earlier

Lalbagh Garden
Lalbagh Garden | Image Resource :

Many artistic structures like Lalbagh Museum and Cottage room were also famous for attracting tourists. The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens Bangalore is the finest place to check the creatures of the nature which reside away from the forest. It was time for me to look for a new tourists spot in the city of Bangalore and get some Adeline rush with bombs of excitement.

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