Someshwara Temple Bangalore: An Historical Temple Nestled Amidst Scenic Beauty

The city of Bangalore is a city of Temples and so today I decided to visit the Someshwara Temple Bangalore as I wanted to seek the blessings of the supreme power for my business as well as for my personal life. This historically famous temple is situated in Ulsoor which is in central Bangalore. I hired a car which would take me there and hence reached the temple quite comfortably. The timings of the temple in the morning are 6.00AM to 12.00 noon and 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM in the evenings.

This noticeable temple was built by the famous Chola dynasty and it bears witness to the architectural proficiency of that period. Later a compound as well as a Rajagopuram was added to the temple complex. The splendid designs and the splendor need to be seen to be believed. Its craftsmanship seemed truly magnificent to my untutored eyes. The chief diety in the temple complex is that of Lord Shiva but God Brahma and Lord Vishnu are also revered here. Some of the other idols accommodated here are that of Panchalingeswara, Kamakshamma, Bhimeswara, Arunachaleswara and Nanjundeswara.

Someshwara Temple Bangalore
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Devotees worship all the idols with equal devotion. There are large numbers of pillars inside the hall which are elaborately and intricately designed and produce a kind of musical sound. The Temple walls are inscribed with ancient scriptures. Many festivals are celebrated by the temple authorities amongst which, the Shivaratri is the central festival of the temple and celebrated by a very large number of devotees. To get a glimpse of their favored god and offer prayers, they stand in line for hours.

Kamakshamma Pallavi Utsava is celebrated in the month of April and during this time the Goddess sits in the palanquin and the parade is taken around in it so that the devotees can see her and offer their prayers. The festival of Brahmotsava is celebrated on the full moon day. Many sacred and auspicious ceremonies are made and held during the year to gain the God’s and Goddesses’ blessings. Nestled amidst all the greenery my visit to Someshwara Temple Bangalore was an idyllic destination to find peace and tranquility. I was then ready for my next destination.

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