Train Travel from Jaipur to Bangalore by JP Mysore Express: Amalgamation of Business and Pleasure

Today I am going to share the experience of a Bangalore tour through my blog. It started with the train travel from Jaipur to Bangalore by JP Mysore Express.  I have a garment export business and most of the times the same routine seems stifling and that is the perfect time to plan a tour. Tours and travels to exotic and historical places rejuvenate me and make me a better person and hence I am always ready for a tour.

JP Mysore Express
JP Mysore Express | Image Resource :

I was planning a visit to the Garden city of Bangalore for some time and as word reached me through my clothes agent that he wanted to fix a meeting with me, I realized that it would be killing two birds with the same stone and hence the travel planning came into existence. I called my travel agent and asked him to make all the arrangements relating to the tour. He called me back the next day with my itinerary and all the relevant details. I was supposed to travel by JP Mysore Express and it made its journey only on two of the week days and those were Monday and Wednesday.

My planning was completely done and all the bookings confirmed so as to make my stay a hassle free one. I reached the Jaipur station on time and the train was supposed to start its journey at 19.35 PM. As soon as the train arrived, I went inside the compartment and arranged my luggage after finding my berth. The train journey was supposedly a long one but I was going to enjoy each and every minute of it. After sometime the other passengers started talking and I realized that it was a good and friendly group and it didn’t take long to get friendly with all of them. The train authorities provided us with breakfast, lunch and dinner and it was quite satisfactory and I enjoyed eating it.

Bangalore City Junction
Bangalore City Junction | Image Resource :

After an enjoyable interlude I reached the Bangalore city junction at 12.50 PM and the train travel from Jaipur to Bangalore by JP Mysore Express came to a satisfactory end. The train had travelled a remarkable distance of 2341 Km and then I was ready for the next part of my journey starting with Bull Temple Bangalore.

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