Hanging Garden Mumbai- A Lifetime Experience

After witnessing the amazing place of Walkeshwar Temple, we moved to the closely located Hanging gardens of Mumbai. We took the bus for this journey and thanks to our bus app, booking tickest was very easy. Hanging Garden is very well-connected by roads and thus, we didn’t face any problem reaching there. We moved further on the Walkeshwar Road and Ridge Road to reach our destination. On our way, we noticed many buses and private taxies as the mode of transport that was used by public.

Hanging Garden Mumbai
Hanging Garden Mumbai | Image Resource : windhorsetours.com

Hanging Gardens is a very popular and amongst most visited tourist destination of Mumbai. This terraced garden, situated on Malabar hills, was constructed in the year 1880 and was renovated later in 1921. The Hanging Gardens is also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Garden as it is devoted to its barrister Pherozeshah Mehta, We were amazed by the fabulous green vegetation and the beautifully shaped hedges that were depicting various animals. The gardens were splendid and were an interesting site for everyone who visits there. What added to the marvelous beauty of this renowned garden was the scenic view of the Arabian Sea. People were enjoying themselves, most of them with their families and kids. Many people were enjoying photography at the site. The place is also visited by many who practice yoga or morning walks amid the lush greenery and morning breeze. The place is also famous for the glorious sunset view, which is said to be a lifetime experience. I could have spent my entire day at that place, if I had enough time.( I did spent the whole day there)

Boot House
Boot House | Image Resource : printablecolouringpages.co.uk

One interesting but lesser known fact about Hanging Gardens is that it is constructed over a water reservoir; therefore locals who reside nearby are supplied with fresh drinking water. The garden was spread to a vast area and was flourishing a variety of plants and flowers that were striking with their striking colors in the atmosphere. A Clock was also installed at the garden. One of the main attraction was the 'Old woman's shoe' or the 'Boot House’, which is entirely made of stone, and was largely surrounded by children. We spent a lot of time there and enjoyed the beauty of the place that had a freshness and calmness associated with it.

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