A Superb Visit at the Walkeshwar Temple (Banganga Temple)


On the next day, we got up late as we were a bit tired. But then, we tried to make up for it by quickly getting ready and having our breakfast. We took help of the hotel’s travel desk to know about a few more interesting tourist’s sites of Mumbai. Apart from the beaches, what strikes us was the Walkeshwar temple of Mumbai (Banganga temple)

Walkeshwar is a flourishing area that is situated in Southern Mumbai. The area is well known for the Walkeshwar Temple and the Banganga Tank, which are frequently visited by tourists and locals. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, with the adjacent Banganga Tank that harbors Shiva paintings and is surrounded by beautiful mountains of Himalayas.


Walkeshwar Temple
Walkeshwar Temple | Image Resource : wikimedia.org


The mythological History related to the place says that when Lord Ram stopped while on his way to Lanka, to save his wife Sita from  Ravana, he got intimidated by Saraswats to worship and pay devotion to Lord Shiva. Therefore, he sent his brother-Lakshman to get the Shivlinga for worshipping. Meanwhile, he also made a Shivalinga of sand and thus, it is known as Valuka Iswar or Walkeshwar.

We reached the amazing site of the temple, which was hundreds of years old. Centuries ago, Walkeshwar Temple and Banganga were established by the rulers of the Silhara dynasty, who were in rule of Bombay from the 9th to the 13th century. The temple was demolished by the Portuguese during their reign in Mumbai. However, it was later reconstructed to the present reinforced structure.

Many people were present there; some to offer prayers to the lord, while some were tourists and came to enjoy the beautiful sight of the temple and the Banganaga tank.



Banganaga Tank
Banganaga Tank | Image Resource : wikimapia.org


The crowd of enthusiastic worshippers can be seen flocking at Walkeshwar temple on full moon and new moon of every month. The temple is margined by Malabar Hill that accentuates its picturesque beauty. The gardens harbored numerous Gulmohar Trees that were adding to the charm of the place. We also visited the Banganga tank and enjoyed looking at the marine life there. The visit at the temple, with one side towards sea, could not be properly explained into words. One must visit there to experience it.


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