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I have been practicing meditation and various other relaxation techniques for many years, during this period I have learned few things about mediations that I would love to share with you people. Therefore, I will be discussing about meditation in this particular blog of mine.

Mediation is something that helps me to connect with my inner self. In this busy and fast-paced life, it is the only time that we get for ourselves. Apart from the spiritual or mental wellbeing, meditation has many other health benefits. It is not just a way of finding peace within you but also achieving better physical health.

It is said that meditation techniques evolved from eastern part of the globe. During 1980’s the different mediations concept started spreading to various different cities across the world. This was the time when people started realising the benefits of meditation. One of the most commonly practiced meditation is the transcendental meditation.


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Following are some of the different techniques used in transcendental meditation.

Heart rhythm meditation: As the name indicates, this techniques focus on the heartbeat. In this mediation, one has to channel his/her concentration to the heart. A person who is able to control or coordinate with his heart will have better mental as well as physical health.

Guided visualization: In Guided visualization a person is supposed to listen to a recording or a music while meditating. During this meditation the person, meditates listening to a recording and visualizes a better, peaceful, and calming environment. Here one needs to focus on the breathing. Such a technique has been known for reducing stress and anxiety.

Zazen: Zazen was discovered by Buddhist monks. Traditional Buddhist meditation technique does not need you to control your breathing, thoughts, or emotions. Techniques used in Zazen are associated with Buddhist proverbs and mythologies. It is difficult to learn Zazen since there are no controlling techniques.

Mindfulness: In this type of meditation, a person is supposed to bring his thoughts together along with proper concentration on breathing. Such a technique helps in controlling your mind/thoughts and achieve peace from within.

All these meditation techniques can not only help in reducing stress but also help in situations such as alcohol addiction, eating disorder, fatigue, insomnia etc. So, if you have not yet start meditation. I insist that you should start now.



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