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Odisha being a state on the side of Bay of Bengal has a stretch of beaches at several places but the city of Bhubaneswar is located in a little interior. But the city has some lakes among which the Bindu Sagar Lake, Bhubaneswar Odisha deserves special mention. I always have appreciated the ambience near water bodies like lakes and ponds which offers a calm and quiet atmosphere to contemplate.  So on knowing about this place, I immediately caught the offer and decided to visit the beautiful lake.


Bindu Sagar Lake Bhubaneswar
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Situated to the north of the famous Lingaraja temple the Bindusagar Lake is one of the most renowned tourist attractions of Bhubaneswar. Joining a group of foreign tourists I heard the guide saying the legend behind the construction of this lake. According to the legend Lord Shiva brought water from several holy places and created this lake to satiate the thirst of Goddess Parvati. Thus it is believed that a single dip into the water of the lake could wash away all the sins of people and cure al diseases. The foreign travellers’, mostly Russians, were busy taking snaps of the surrounding places. Being attached to mythology the legend of the lake made me fascinated, as it showed the love and care of a husband for his wife. The beauty of the lake is enhanced by its banks covered with beautiful stones. The cool breeze of the lake and the shady banks allow you sit and talk for hours.  The ritual bath of Lord Shiva of Lingaraja temple is also performed here every year. There is also a small island in the middle of the lake and has many shrines. Surrounded by many temples and monuments, the water of the lake has become contaminated to some extent. Due to the mixing of the flowers and offerings of the temple, the waste and sewage of the ghats and buildings around it the lake has heavy deposition in the west and has overgrown aquatic vegetation.

But in spite of all odds Bindu Sagar Lake, Bhubaneswar Odisha is not only a famous tourist spot but has gradually emerged as a picnic spot of Bhubaneswar as well. I was satisfied to visit this place and was eagerly waiting to put update about it on my blog.


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