Brahmeswar Temple Bhubaneswar – Bearing Magnificent Sculpture


I have always found Indian culture and heritage very fascinating. The land of diversities, India is a haven of so many historical places and monuments. Not only history, but mythology is another genre that has also glued my interest. My visit to Bhubaneswar was actually inspired from my spiritual affinity, which would have been incomplete if I would not have included Brahmeswar temple Bhubaneswar in my travel list. Apart from my empathy towards mythology I have a keen interest to art and sculpture as well. So the work of Khajuraho, Ajanta Ellora has always enticed me.


Brahmeswar Temple Bhubaneswar
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This time my visit to Brahmeswar temple was also accompanied by my thirst for art. This Hindu temple built at the end of 9th century is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The beautifully carved temple is a spectacular treat for the people. I have always wondered about the efficiency and skills of the sculptors whose immense labour for decades could have created such masterpieces. The body of the temple contained splendid sculptures of musicians holding flute, dancers, different animals, woman riding a horse and different deities as well. It’s amazing to observe the perfectly proportionate human figures carved out on the stone walls. The sculpture of ‘Chamunda’ standing on a carcass and holding a butchered human and a trident has a terrific expression on her face. Besides this Lord Shiva and other deities are also sculpted here in their dreadful avatars. It is said that the custom and practice of ‘Devdasi’ was first introduced in this temple when Queen Kolavati offered ‘many beautiful women’ to the temple. The garden around along with the temple is quite nicely maintained. The interior of the temple is clean and hygienic which allows the people to sit anywhere for resting. I have heard about its beautiful architecture and a remarkable pedestal which are really hard to believe until witnessed by own.

There was a group of art students sitting on the lawn and sketching the Brahmeswar temple Bhubaneswar from their individual angle. After seeing their work for sometimes it was time for me to return. My trip to Bhubaneswar was so far a nice one and I was hoping that it continue to be so while I visit my next destinations like Bindu Sagar Lake, Bhubaneswar Odisha and the like.


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