Konark Sun Temple Odisha is among the Wonders of India


The destination was said by Rabindra Nath Tagore is the place where the language of man is surpassed by the language of stones. It cannot be denied that the experience of Konark Sun Temple Odisha is everlasting and provides wonderful memories to be treasured in the personal travel diary of the individual. It is located about 2 kilometers from the Konark beach and the ruins of the temples surrounded by the drifting sand are yet to be narrated.


Konark Sun Temple Odisha
Konark Sun Temple Odisha | Image Resource : wikimedia.org


The splendid architecture was built by king Narshimdeva the early thirteenth century and is designed in the colossal chariot shape hauling the Sun God, into the heaven. In the Rig Veda Surya God was the popular deity of Hindus in the Vedic period. The temple is said to be one of the richest architectural structure in the world history. The idea of building a chariot shaped temple is not the ancient one but has been created with a breath taking concept. The main tower though collapsed but followed the general form of the original Lingaraja towers and Jagannath Temples. There is also a hall of dance probably name as ‘natamadira’ in front of the temple but detached from the main temple. The unsurpassed beauty of the cravings and engraved rock arts are simply spellbinding. My camera was not enough to capture some of the finest art works of the ancient history. The geometrical and botanical decorative designs are the major attractions of the temple. The dignity of the sculptures in the walls of the temple is out of the world and depicts the glorious past of India. The multi faceted several images of Surya are finely carved on the walls of the temple.


Chariot wheel of Konark Temple
Chariot wheel of Konark Temple | Image Resource : wikimedia.org


The stone world of the temple is a never ending episode of history. To unwind with the history of India, Konark Sun Temple Odisha is the favorable place among other destinations. It is well connected by air, rail and road which make easy accessible for the tourists coming from different sectors of the country. The journey was monotonous with several historical sites yet enjoyable by the history lover like me. I was contented with the thought of the wonderful day.


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