Shanti Stupa at Dhaulagiri, Bhubaneshwar is the Implicit Tale of Kalinga


Born and brought up in Rajasthan I am aware of the winning history of Rajputs and somewhere connected with the other historical glories of India. Rajasthan drew me closer to the culture and heritage of India and that might be the reasons why I am so grounded with the ancient India. Shanti Stupa at Dhauligiri, Bhubaneshwar is located in the distance of 8km from the city in a hillside on the banks of River Daya.


Shanti Stupa Dhaulagiri
Shanti Stupa Dhaulagiri | Image Resource :


Mass of rocks in Dhauli reflects the splendid proclamation of the great ruler Ashoka. Dhauli Hill is known to be the battlefield of Kalinga and the Peace Pagoda also known as Shanti Stupa is located over here. Legend says that the stupa was built in tribute to Ashoka when he left everything after the blood bath in the Kalinga War and moved on in search of peace. It was the gloomiest part of his life when he saw the red color of River Daya after the battlefield and decided to leave everything for peace. The Peace Pagoda was constructed by Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha and Japan Buddha Sangha in the year1972 and is spotted on the top of the hill. Above the rock edicts there is rock cut elephant engraved by the sculptures of Budhhists and it boasts the fore parts of the animals only without showing the superior sense of shape and movement. He was Ashoka who built various stupas, pillars and chaityas after the battle of Kalinga happened and he emerged as a peace propagator from the red blood bath of the battle field. The narration of the story by a local guide shares its own experience and I was lucky to be the part of this experience. i have read a lot about the great historical character like Ashoka but confronting in reality boasts a different feeling.


Statue of a Lion at the Shanti Stupa
Statue of a Lion at the Shanti Stupa | Image Resource :
Statue of the Buddha at Shanti Stupa
Statue of the Buddha at Shanti Stupa | Image Resource :


The great Kalinga War is still remembered as one of the biggest massacre in the prehistoric era of India. The journey towards the Kalinga War came to an end at Shanti Stupa at Dhauligiri, Bhubaneshwar and I pick my ride to one of my favorite destination of Odisha which was not a long way from the present destination.


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