Vaital Temple Bhubaneshwar is the Noteworthy Destination of Odisha


Temples are the heritage of Odisha and India as well. Whenever an individual chooses to plan a holiday he gets to visit the renowned temples of those places for once. Vaital Temple Bhubaneshwar is among such temples dedicated to Goddess Kali of Hindu Gods. The temple was built earlier in the 18th century. The temple is renowned for its beautiful sculptures with rectangular shaped tower and it is an excellent illustration of Kalinga School of Architecture. On both side doors of the netrancve there are carvings of Sun God Surya with his two sisters Usha literary means ‘Dawn’ amd Pratyusha literary means ‘Dusk’ and the other gate depicts the picture of the third Pandava, Arjun riding the chariot of seven horses.


Vaital Temple Bhubaneshwar
Vaital Temple Bhubaneshwar | Image Resource :


As I entered the temple I saw four faced Linga with essential carvings. The main temple comprises of the Goddess Kali with eight arms sitting on the corpse with skull’s garland sided by an owl and jackal. The eight arms of Goddess kali grip a snake, a sword, a shield, a bow, a trident, an arrow, a thunderbolt and a demon’s neck. Large number of devotees has strong faith on the shrine and they visit every year to offer prayers and perform rituals in the premises of the temple. Bhubaneshwar is the one stop destination for to plan for the best places of Odisha. The Goddess inside the temple is surrounded by some small associated deities in the lower sections of the walls. The splendid carvings on the walls of the temple reflect the art and sculptures work of the artisans from ancient India. Many historical sites lovers like me love to visit these places with great interests.


Sculpture at Vaital Temple Bhubaneshwar
Sculpture at Vaital Temple Bhubaneshwar | Image Resource :


It did not take long time to inspect the temple and its magnificent architecture. Everything is explained by its carvings and the pictures narrate every past history of the temple and its surroundings. I met some local people over there who explained about the significance of the offerings and rituals performed over here. Their unbreakable trust surprised me a lot. I preferred to leave Vaital temple Bhubaneshwar to access towards my next destination of Buddhism enlisted in my agenda.


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