Mukteshwar Temple Bhubaneshwar is the Historical Gift to Orissa Tourism


The landmark which adds stairs to the tourism development of Odisha is the Mukteshwar Temple Bhubaneshwar. It is mostly known for its architectural built and ancient old sculptures that describe it as one of the historical jewels in Odisha. The temple is located in the city which is well connected by rail road and air. The synchronization of the architecture and sculpture is well described in this temple of Bhubaneshwar.


Mukteshwar Temple Bhubaneshwar
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In simple words Mukteshwar means “Lord who gives freedom through yoga”. The temple stands at the height of 34 feet and known as one of the compact and smallest temples in Bhubaneshwar. The archway of exquisite stone and the ceiling is carved on lotus with eight petals inside the covered entrance. The Gem of Odisha is created of sandstone in the 9th century. The temple id dedicated to Lord Shiva, the most complex Lord of Hindus. Different postures of meditation are imprinted in the premises of the temple. Various lingams of Lord Shiva are there inside the complex. Other sculptural embellishment boasts the wisdom and shrewdness of the ancient artisans. It also depicts the distinctive talent of the historical artists. In the eastern part of the temple there is a sacred well that is believed to be a holy well for the people suffering from infertility. The rare combination of the ancient sculptures with new styles and designs are given with many improvements in the structure. I was surprised to see the old art and prehistoric elements in the complex of the temple. The carvings of the arched doorway reflect the influence of the Buddhism religion in Orissa. Other idols of Saraswati and Lord Ganesha are imprinted flanked with female attendants and his rise of mouse respectively.

This holy shrine draws number of tourists every year to explore the destination like Mukteshwar Temple Bhubaneshwar. Orissa always remain the subject of heritage and culture of India. Tourism is added to its versatility. Travelling is important for the business man like me to break the monotony. Now it was the time to conquer my other travelling interests that were the famous caves of Orissa which was my next destination to be explored.


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