My Train Travel from Jaipur to Bhubaneshwar by BKN Puri Inaug was One of My Rare Experiences


Travelling has always remained the best part of my frantic life as it provides all those things during the expedition that are always my requirement for self realization. Relaxing, adventurous and blissful journey are some of those parts of journey which I have covered so long. Fetching trains for travelling is the best option to be rendezvous with the splendid world of nature. My train travel from Jaipur to Bhubaneshwar by BKN Puri inaug was a usual and unwinding experience when I decided to explore major places of interest in Odisha.


Jaipur Railway Station
Jaipur Railway Station | Image Resource :


The train has its junction in Bikaner and departs at 11:30am. Then gushing through the major districts and towns of Rajasthan like Nagaur, Makrana Junction, etc., it reaches Jaipur in the evening at 19:25 and halts for 10 minutes. This time limit was enough for me to catch the train without fuss as I hate carrying heavy items as luggage. My train tickets were booked for first class AC as I usually prefer. I took my seats as the tickets were confirmed and had few sips of tea which I carried with me in my insulated flask as the tea is the only beverage that I hate to drink in the stations. Coffee is preferable as they are somehow good comparatively.


BKN Puri Inaug
BKN Puri Inaug | Image Resource :


Being the resident of Jaipur by birth, I love all the wildlife and adventure of Rajasthan every time. Among other destinations in Rajasthan there is Ranthambore, famous for its adventurous wildlife safari. I remembered as soon as Sawai Madhopur arrived in the night at 21:30 and I could feel the breeze of its adventurous atmosphere. Kota being popular for educational institutions is the hub of brilliant students which can be witnessed inside the train.

The Kota Junction provides 20 minutes halt for the passengers and this time period is enough to land on the station. Further the train followed the stations like Ashok Nagar, Anuppur Junction, Bilaspur Junction, Boinda, etc. and finally the station arrives for which I was waiting for so long. My train travel from Jaipur to Bhubaneshwar by BKN Puri inaug came to end with a new beginning to Bhubaneshwar.


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