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HP Slate 21 Pro
HP Slate 21 Pro | Image Resource : gadgets.ndtv.com


In this CES 2014, we saw a new form of HP. Rather than displaying the Home PCs, the company was more focused on Business PCs. HP was also set to display the new range of business PCs for enterprise users. HP entered into CES Las Vegas with style by introducing products such as Slate 21 Pro.

The HP Slate 21 Pro is an All-in-One Android device. Earlier it released Slate 21, which was the first AiO launched by HP. Slate 21 Pro is a dream machine for all journalists and tech writers.

What makes Slate 21 Pro a product to watch out is the interesting line of software that it offers to the users, which is quite impressive. It is packed with Google services, which includes Gmail and Drive. Apart from that features such as Skype, Evernote, King soft Office, and Citrix Receiver for remote Windows access, 50GB of lifetime Box storage and the HP Classroom Manager are also pre-installed into the machine.

With its solid line of AiOs, HP is also planning to cash on other markets like hotels, hospitals, classrooms and so on. These computers will operate on Android 4.3. Since Google has already announced the Kit Kat, we have to wait and watch whether HP would launch an upgraded version later. However, HP Slate 21 Pro with Android 4.3. Offers better security features to the owners. This amazing machine is available at a price of $399, which is around Rs 25,000.

The tech giants also announced another amazing product:

HP Pro x2 410 features:

- 11-inch detachable laptop and its first hybrid for the business market.
- Intel Core i3 or i5 processor,
- 1,366 x 768 display
- Range: $899 (Rs 56,000 approx.)

All in One like ProOne 400 and the HP 205 were also appreciated at the CES. Other than Desktops, HP also introduced (14 and 15-inch) laptop from the 300 series as well as a wide range of fingerprint readers, spill-resistant keyboards and anti-glare panels. Within such beautiful range of computer, let us see how the market reacts to HP’s offerings.


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