Cathedral Catholic Church Shillong Fills You with Religious Peace


Cathedral Catholic Church is located in the East Khasi Hills and is a beautiful church dedicated to Mary Help of Christian. It is open for the tourists and devotes on all days of the week from 7.00 to 6.30 pm. But on Sundays it opens at 8.00 am. I took a cab from the hotel and reached the church in the evening, at about 4.00 pm. the church was built on top of a small hill and looked majestic and serene, emitting an aura of its own.

There was a flight of steps leading to the church and I started climbing, reaching the church gate. Its high arches and the stained glass windows added to its beauty. The cathedral was built about 50 years ago and stands on the site where there was an old church built by the German fathers in 1913. It was made of wood and was destroyed in 1936 on a Good Friday in April, by fire.


Cathedral Catholic Church
Cathedral Catholic Church | Image Resource :

One of the unique features of the church is that it is made of sand because the place is always attacked by earthquakes. Sand can withstand the damages caused by earthquakes. It is also shock-proof. In 1980, during the centenary year of Catholic church in North East India, the Archbishop declared the Cathedral Catholic Church a shrine and since then special services are held in the church every Wednesday.

Shillong Mary Help of Christians Cathedral
Shillong Mary Help of Christians Cathedral | Image Resource :


The church is visited by Christians as well as devotees from other religions. It is believed that if you pray here, your wish will be fulfilled. So a great number of devotees visit the church and pray, and then come back again to thank once their wish is fulfilled. Inside the church there is a set of 14 Stations of the Cross, which shows scenes of Jesus Christ and his sufferings, including the death of Jesus Christ. They were first put in the old Cathedral Church and it is said that they were made by the Art Institute in Munich. The church also has scenes from the Holy Scripture and the life of the saints painted on its walls.

Near the main altar of Mother Mary and Child Jesus, is the grave of the first Archbishop of Shillong. The visit to the church made my mind calm and peaceful.


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