Lady Hydari Park Shillong – A Japanese Garden in India to Cherish


Lady Hydari Park is one of the most visited places in Shillong loved by children as well s the grown up people. It is open for the public from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm on all days of the week, except for Mondays. During my stay at Shillong, I went to the park one evening and spend about two hours in the park. It is a very beautiful park with green lawns, well maintained gardens, a mini zoo, children’s park and a small museum. The park is named after the Lady Hydari, who was the wife of the first governor of Assam.


Lady Hydari Park
Lady Hydari Park | Image Resource :
Lady Hydari Park Shillong
Lady Hydari Park Shillong | Image Resource :


The park is designed in the style of a Japanese Garden with small ponds, willow trees, rhododendrons etc. The mini zoo in the park is the only zoo in Shillong and contains many animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Jackal, Porcupine, Leopard, Mynah, Kite, deer, serow etc. A variety of birds were also seen in the zoo. The zoo is visited by children and animal lovers. There are seating arrangements for the visitors to sit and relax after walking for some time.

I saw that the Children Park was full of children playing around, swinging on many swings in the park, having a ride on the merry go round or engaged in some other activities. The small museum is also visited by children. I too went inside the museum and had a look around it. I could see stuffed leopard and heads of elephants in the museum. There was also a dried skin of a python hung on the wall. Many photos of rare species of animals that were found in Meghalaya were also there.


Swans Swimming in Pools
Swans Swimming in Pools | Image Resource :


The pools had water flowers in them and some of the pools had swans swimming. The bridge built over a water body was really beautiful and picturesque. The park was a perfect place for the local people to take a walk in the evening or take their children for an outing. The flowers in the garden were pretty and colorful. They were well looked after by the gardeners.

After walking for some time, I sat down and relaxed, watching the children playing and enjoying the cool breeze blowing. It was a pleasure visiting the park.


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