Jaintia Hills – An Enchanting Picnic Spot to Enjoy


Jaintia Hills is about 94 km from Shillong and is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Meghalaya with its beautiful sceneries, waterfalls and lakes. I took a cab from the hotel and reached the spot by 10.00 am. It spreads over an area of 3819 sq km and had many tourist spots that tourists love to visit. The route to the place was also filled with scenic spots and I enjoyed the travel very much


Jaintia Hills
Jaintia Hills | Image Resource : meghalayatours.files.wordpress.com


Syntu Ksiar, which is about 2 km from Jowai Town, is an ideal picnic spot and many tourists and local people visit the place. I was amazed at the beauty of the place and spent some time watching the scenery around. Next I went to Tyrchi Falls, which is 4 km from Jowai. I had to trek for a length of 1 km to reach the fall. It falls from a great height and the surrounding area is spectacular with dense vegetation.


Syntu Ksiar, Meghalaya
Syntu Ksiar, Meghalaya | Image Resource : ppcdn.500px.org


Thadlaskein Lake is another place I went to visit. It is a perfect place to hangout with friends and is a beautiful place with boating facilities. I hired a boat and had a ride on the lake enjoying the cool breeze and the picturesque surrounding. Nartia is famous for its large collection of monoliths or megalithic stones. Here I saw upright stones as well as flat stones. The place also has ancient temples dedicated to Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. Durga Puja is celebrated here every year.


Stone Bridge at Thlumuwi, Meghalaya
Stone Bridge at Thlumuwi, Meghalaya | Image Resource : jaintia.nic.in


Thlumuwi is famous for the stone bridge built over the Muwi stream. Krang Suri Falls is one of the beautiful waterfalls here, located in the Amlarem CD Block Office. The water is clear and is turquoise in color. There are steps and viewing points here for the convenience of the tourists.


Muwi Falls, Meghalaya
Muwi Falls, Meghalaya | Image Resource : jaintia.nic.in

Dawki is the border between India and Bangladesh and is famous for Umngot River and the Dawki Bridge, connecting East Khasi Hills and Jantia Hills. Fishing is allowed on the river as it has a wide species of fish. Umlawan Cave in Jantia Hills is the longest and deepest of the caves in India. It is estimated that it has a length of 21 km and a depth of 100 meters. There were many other places in Jantia Hills that were worth visiting

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