Vikramshila University Bihar - Memorable for ever


I would never forget my experience of visiting the Vikramshila University Bihar. The university was home to education, knowledge and modernity so long back in time. These things make it a marvel. Along with the Nalanda University, the Vikramshila University was one of the most important centers for Buddhist teachings. This was during the Pala dynasty. My experience at this university made me so excited and I started wondering while walking around that how the massive university could be constructed so long back in time.


Vikramshila Entrance
Vikramshila Entrance | Image Resource :
Vikramshila University Bihar
Vikramshila University Bihar | Image Resource :


Dharmapala was the king who had established the Vikramshila. It was believed that the university produced extraordinary scholars who used to get invitations from foreign countries asking them to propagate their Buddhist learning. Subjects ranging from philosophy, grammar, Indian logic were taught there. It was believed that Tantrism was the most important stream of education. I absolutely loved the university’s geographical location. It was a peaceful atmosphere around. It was on a hill top and river Ganges could be seen. It was a serene site to look at and picturesque as well. Nagarjuna and Atisa were the principle deities. The site had been excavated by the Patna University. A stupa and a library building are revealed. I was simply amazed by viewing the arrangements that are made for students to live. It is extremely well planned and organized properly. There is a common verandah for students. The underground chambers could be seen beneath a few cells. It was believed that these underground chambers served as meditation rooms for monks. The Stupa at the centre was an amazing site to look at. It was the very basic of the artistic work. The wall carvings simply made me crazy. They were so beautiful beyond imagination. There are carvings which included Terracotta plaques depicting many Buddhist deities. It was the best example of fine terracotta work that existed during the reign of the Palas.


Main Stupa at the center
Main Stupa at the center | Image Resource :


Visiting the Vikramshila University Bihar simply gave me a thrilling experience which was unforgettable. I was amazed to see so much attention and love given to education from such a long time. This part of the trip simply made me feel great.


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