Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna Is Extensively Growing In Demand


Wildlife and environment were some things which I had always preferred to conserve and respect. I have always tried my best to save the environment within my reach and this had made me bond unknowingly with the animals and birds. From the childhood itself, it was always a dream to visit the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna, and the day came after a long wait. It was nothing to be regretted and soon I bought the tickets and immediately went to the entrance of the park without wasting any time. After reading the information and guide of the park, I came to know that was first established as a Botanical Garden in 1969. Afterwards, due to some more contributions from the Governor and the Public Works Department, it was developed and recognized as the biological park.


Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna
Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna | Image Resource :


The stock of animals comprised of more than 100 species which included  tiger, hippopotamus, lion tailed macaque, leopard cat, giraffe, cassowary, white peacock, golden cat, rhinoceros, Himalayan bear, etc. There are nearly 1200 animals in the zoo as per the written information and they were supplemented with 300 species of trees, shrubs and herbs. It also had the nursery where medicinal plants, fern house, Rose garden, glass house, grass lawns and orchid house were maintained under the supervision of the well-trained gardeners and professionals. The park is proud to declare itself as the second biggest house of breeding one horned Rhinoceros after the Saint Diego Wild Animal Park, California, USA. I enjoyed the toy train in the park, which is meant to catch the brief views of the park. It also offered the boating activities for the adults and children. Due to some bad incidents, some days ago, the fences of every animal was raised for utmost safety.


Giraffe At Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park
Giraffe At Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park | Image Resource :
Toy Train in Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park
Toy Train in Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park | Image Resource :


The additional features of rock garden and waterfall were developed to attract more tourists. The vibrant and colorful birds which are painted by the nature seemed heart taking and I did not feel like moving from that particular place to stare the little movements of them. Finally the day of journey came to a full stop and took my steps back from the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna to the pavilion.


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