Nalanda University, Bihar Imparts the Promising Youth Life of Buddha


The university which ran for the longest period in the history of India is undoubtedly the Nalanda University Bihar. It has the glory of being the earliest university of the Indian history and was established in 450BC. I knew about some of the notable guests who had attended the university and the list included Buddha and Mahavira. They were among the 10000 students of the university. History said that it had an accommodation capacity of around 10,000 students and 2,000 professional faculties. But due to the destruction made by the Turkish invaders, the library was burnt on fire and all its extensive ruins were spread in the area of 14 hectares.


Ancient Library of Nalanda University
Ancient Library of Nalanda University | Image Resource :


Choosing this  Buddhist University as one of the destination is a good decision of mine and I was very much impressed by that. Knowing about the earliest university was one of the fortunate moments for me. I got to know about our ancestors and their great deeds which would always remain a part of my life with their morals. Though the journey was quite hectic, the feeling was fresh and young with the gateway of historical era. I saw the Great Stupa and appreciated the deeds of Buddha who taught the world the lessons of humanity. The Nalanda Archeological Museum consisted of many statues of Pala and Maurya. There are six rooms which displayed the excavations of Nalanda and other surrounding villages. The Nalanda Multimedia Museum is a perfect place to visualize its history. I had some time in my hand and I did not want to miss that opportunity of going through the earlier ages of the university. It was just a running time of 20 minutes in which everything related to the past history of the university were depicted through the source of 3D animation film of 1990. I bought the tickets without any second thought and entered the multimedia museum in no time.


View of Sariputta's Stupa
View of Sariputta's Stupa | Image Resource :


I was feeling tired after walking so much but the ancient and interesting features of the Nalanda University Bihar kept me binding with all its historical deeds. At last, I had to leave half heartedly to get the glimpses of the biological park which was my next place to visit as per my schedule.


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