Visiting Mahabodhi Temple Bihar – Filled with Tranquility

Reaching Gaya and experiencing its streets and culture in general was a new experience altogether. Though the streets were shabby and dirty and they were still working on it. This was told to me by a local while I was having a cup of tea just outside the station. Looking forward to a good and comfortable vacation, I hired a car big enough for my journey. I was fortunate as the car driver was very friendly and open hearted. I felt he was an informative guy as well. The first place he recommended me to visit was the Mahabodhi Temple Bihar. Visiting the Mahabodhi Temple was on my mind for several years now but due to my own business that I had to look after, I never got the chance and time to visit this part of the country.

Mahabodhi Temple Bihar
Mahabodhi Temple Bihar | Image Resource :

While going to Bodh Gaya, I was really excited and the roads over here were quite different from the roads where I live. When I reached the Mahabodhi temple I was taken away by the magical atmosphere around me. The place was full of Buddhist temples. According to history, the great Buddha had gained “Moksha” (enlightenment) here.

The Mahabodhi Tree
The Mahabodhi Tree | Image Resource :

I was simply blown away when I saw “The Bodhi Tree” situated next to the temple. The ambience inside the temple is absolutely quiet and peaceful with Buddhist monks doing their prayers. I felt as if I am wrapped in a blanket of calmness and utter peace. I could feel I am free of tension for that moment of time and void of materialistic needs.

Worshipper at Mahabodhi Temple Bodh Gaya
Worshipper at Mahabodhi Temple Bodh Gaya | Image Resource :

The Mahabodhi Temple was built by a great emperor known as Ashoka Maurya. It was a new experience completely and I realized that the ways of Buddhism fascinated me to the very core. The Mahabodhi Temple Bihar is a UNESCO world heritage site. I really wanted to spend more time here. I went to a corner and sat to look at its construction and wondered how it would have been long back then. I was completely amazed to see things around arranged so well catering to fullest needs of the tourists. I noticed a monk, barely the age of sixteen doing his prayers.

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