The Glory and Importance of Har Mandir Takht Patna


The sacred pilgrimage center of the Sikhs in Patna is probably known as Har Mandir Takht Patna. Patna is the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh Ji who was the tenth Guru of the Sikhs and was born on December 22 in the year 1666. It is this place where the shrine of Harmandir Sahib is situated. This is the second acknowledged ‘Takht’ belonging to the Sikhs in Patna. The sacred Gurudwara is the gateway to the God true teachings which were impacted by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to the masses and the Sikh community with great pleasure and devotion. The commandment of fearlessness and valiance was issued from this place in the Sikh fraternity.


Har Mandir Takht Patna
Har Mandir Takht Patna | Image Resource :


It was Maharaja Ranjit Singh who raised the voice and took the responsibility of building a Sikh monument at this place. As his plan was being fulfilled, unfortunately due to an earthquake, the celestial built was turned into a heap of dust. It was the cooperation of the huge Sikh masses which made the golden glory stand on its own again and regain the respect as it used to get before. We saw some of the relics of Guru Gobind Singhji as they were safely preserved in the Gurudwara. Among the relics, there is a cradle balanced on the four stands and covered properly with the plates made up of gold. In the childhood days of the Sahib, it was then used as his bed. We also saw the sacred sword of the Guru with his pair of sandals and four iron arrows which is preserved perfectly. We could well imagine the power and potency of the Sahib which lead him to live such a holy and meaningful life. After seeing all the majestic preserves and their antiquity, I could easily realize the promising childhood of the Sahib.


Inside Har Mandir Takht Patna
Inside Har Mandir Takht Patna | Image Resource :


It was a journey towards social peace and world illumination which was divinely imparted by the Sikh Gurus and we were overwhelmed after realizing the same. After getting the powerful blessings from Har Mandir Takht Patna we came out with silence and bliss with an impact of the Sahib and moved on to the famous university of Patna.


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