Tomb of Saadat Ali khan


I was a bit tired after travelling through the zoo, but the charm of the Nawab’s city was compelling me to look for more. So, I left the hotel after breakfast with my forever companion- my camera..!! I headed towards ‘the tomb of Saadat Ali Khan. Close to a park in Lucknow, Begum Hazrat Mahal Park (earlier Victoria Park) which is essentially a place for holding meetings and rallies is located twin tombs- one is the Tomb of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan and other of his favorite wife Murshid Zadi.


Saadat Ali Khan
Saadat Ali Khan | Image Resource :


Saadat Ali Khan was ranked as the sixth Nawab Wazir of Awadh and was the last to be obliged for his loyalty to the Moghul King at Delhi. His son; Ghazi-ud-Din Haider was the first king of Awadh who had constructed a majestic mausoleum for his father Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. It was a symbol of love and admiration given by a son to his great father…isn’t it fabulous!!

In fact, I was amazed to know that the Nawab Saadat Ali Khan was buried at his son’s residence which was then trashed to erect the tomb at Khas Bazaar. The interior of the tomb is also unique. The flooring of the hall of Saadat Ali Khan's tomb is made with beautiful combination of black and white marble squares. However, such patterns are quite uncommon in this part of the country, as marble is scarce in this region.

The hall is also bordered by rectangular verandahs on its four sides which are made in form of vaulted doorways that release towards the outside. The verandahs present on the south and east sides have graves of the wives and daughters of Saadat Ali Khan. Moreover, diagonal to the mausoleum of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan was placed another mausoleum, in the south east direction that was of his wife Mursheer Zadi.


Tomb of Saadat Ali khan
Tomb of Saadat Ali khan | Image Resource :


Both the tombs are outstanding example of Indo-lslamic fashion of architecture, decorated by the delicate moldings and patterns.

I clicked many pictures of the beautiful tomb of Nawab Saadat Ali khan. All the visitors, including me, were awed by the art and the history related with these monuments. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that there are a few monuments in the country that have surpassed the present architecture with their grandeur and beauty.


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