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I was having a fascinating experience in the city of Lucknow. The language, food and the magnificent monuments and historical threads attached to the city were making me fall in for this city. But it was not all and the city had lot more to offer. My next destination for the day was the ‘Asfi Mosque’.

From the travel desk o the hotel, I got the details of this Mosque. The thing that was told surprised me that non Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque. However, this didn’t stop me from visiting this historical place. I hired a cab and headed for the Asif mosque.

Asfi Mosque is amongst one of the primary tourist magnetism of Lucknow. The mosque is a part of the Islamic monument Bara Imambara that I visited two days before, but couldn’t explore because of limited time. This time, I got the opportunity of revisiting the Bara Imambara as well and to know a little more about the Asfi Mosque.


View of Asfi Mosque
View of Asfi Mosque | Image Resource :


Asfi Masjid is a shrine constructed inside the Bara Imambara and is named after the Lucknow Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula .It is the last building that is constructed without use of Iron and wood and without any assistance from the Europeans experts of building creation.

“Non Muslim is prohibited to enter the mosque” was written in three languages- English, Hindi and Urdu. A watchful guard was in the courtyards that failed all my plans of any sneaking in and look inside. To get the best view of the Mosque, I stated towards the maze. Like the earlier times, I ran into several people who were lost and were wandering around. I made my way towards the top and reached the roof. The view again delighted me. In every direction, there were domes, arches, towers and old monuments standing as a witness to the siege of Lucknow.

I made my way back outside and clicked a picture of the Asfi Mosque. Standing aside from the gateways was the mosque with its strikingly noticeable minarets imposing towards the sky. This Mosque is considered as one of the largest place of worship in India.


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