Palace of Asaf Ud Daula - A Glorious Palace


After having the magnificent visit at the residency, I was overwhelmed with our marvelous history and was feeling so proud of our freedom fighters. They sacrificed their life so that we could enjoy the freedom of today. They were great...Weren’t they??

Remembering all the exhibits of the museum, I moved forward with my expedition to get to know some more about our historical rulers and their great contribution to art. I moved towards the Palace of Nawaab Asaf Ud Daula. However, before going to explore the beauty of the palace, I wanted to have my lunch and satisfy my hunger pangs. So I walked towards a restaurant to have my stomach full with the delicious Nawabi meal that is peculiar to Lucknow cuisines. After all, it is difficult to avoid such mouthwatering delicacies when one is surrounded by such great cuisines. And I would advice all my readers not to miss any opportunity to hog on the Lucknowi dishes…just relish them without a second thought..!!!


Nawabi Meal
Nawabi Meal | Image Resource :


Well, after filling up myself, I made my way towards the Palace of Asaf Ud Daula. So I hired a cab, and headed towards the palace which is situated at the banks of the river Gomati. The palace was partly constructed by the Nawab Shuja ud Daula and completed by the Nawab Asaf ud Daula, and hence is named after him.


Asaf Ud Daula
Asaf Ud Daula | Image Resource :


On reaching the palace, I wondered how each monument was a masterpiece. Within the palace, there were large courts which were beautifully carved and very pleasant to the eye. There was also a large assembly room, which might be used as durbar in the Mughal times and many important decisions must have been taken there. The large walls were covering huge halls with high roofs, which were a common feature in almost all the monuments. On the right side of this palace, was a mosque which was built on high banks. The mosque was holding two minarets that were raising themselves towards the sky. I roamed around this beautiful monument and clicked numerous pictures for my future remembrance.


Asfi Mosque
Asfi Mosque | Image Resource :


The dawn was spreading its influence and the darkness was covering over. So I called for my cab and moved back to my hotel. It was a very pleasant visit.


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