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I was still engrossed in the aura of the beautiful architecture of the two monuments that I visited. With my expectations raised and curiosity doubled, I decided to explore more of the city the next day. Following day, I quickly got ready, hogged on my breakfast and moved ahead on my expedition. The next place of visit was “the residency”


The Residency Lucknow Gate
The Residency Lucknow Gate | Image Resource :


The residency is in shattered condition and gives the substantiation of First War of India's Independence of 1857. However, it is preserved in same condition since 1920. It is said that this Residential complex, which is now commonly called as ‘Lucknow Residency’, was initiated by the king Nawab Asaf-ud-daula of Avadh in 1775 in order to provide a residence to the British guests and was completed in 1800 by Nawab Saddat Ali, and is situated near the bank of Gomti River in Lucknow.


The Residency Lucknow View
The Residency Lucknow View | Image Resource :


Today, the residency is covered in ruins and like each ruin has its story to narrate. I found myself recalling the events of that war from the history that I have studied. A museum is also set up as a memorial museum of 1857 to represent an actual presentation of the India’s first war of independence.


The Residency Lucknow
The Residency Lucknow | Image Resource :


The museum exhibits the tale of 1857 in a chronological order. It tries to present the visual details of the freedom struggle of 1857. It consists of  a model of the Residency, some old photographs- few original photographs of the actual sites, lithographs, paintings depicting significant events, documents, period arms and ammunitions such as guns, swords, shields, cannons, rank badges, medals ,portraits of war heroes , maps and other items.


Cannons at The Residency
Cannons at The Residency | Image Resource :


A relatively new gallery is designed to the basement of the museum that contains the artifacts recovered during the excavation of the portions of the Residency complex. Lucknow Residency is now a gorgeous place to visit to relive Indian history. Glimpses of the British time and rule and the treasured sprit of our freedom fighters, the way of living in that time, a great and green garden, a number of graves engraved with names and times, ruins of once beautiful houses, water-well, worship places, and all this reminded me of the past.


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