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It is well-known that travelling or going out for a vacation is one of the top stress-relieving activity. So when I am completely jaded by working and meeting the daily goals, I sneak a break and add a punch to my life by leaving for an enjoyable vacation. As I am fond of Indian heritage and history, I like to explore places that hold rich and glorious history. I think it is very important to open your eyes and really see your surroundings, and get to know more and more about our country’s heritage along with enjoying the general life, shopping markets, restaurants, cultural events and happenings, and of course, sightseeing of the new places. This time, I decided to visit the beautiful city of Lucknow - the city of Nawabs, which is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The cultural heritage of Lucknow is enriched by the Mughal touch and so is their language and local cuisines. I decided to leave from Jaipur on a week day, just to avoid the rush, and booked my tickets for Lucknow on AII CPR Special.


AII CPR Special
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Corroborating my previous experiences, I am now convinced that there is a certain magic associated while travelling through trains. My bags were packed and I was all excited to visit the royal city of Lucknow. My train was expected to arrive at the station at 21:30. To avoid any last-minute rush, I left for station at around 20:15 so that gave me sufficient time to reach station amid the noisy traffic. On my way to station, I was looking at my city painted in pink, and felt proud to be part of such a magnificent city, so rich in its culture and heritage.

On reaching the railway station, I found it all alive with numerous passengers waiting for their trains, children running all around, vendors moving by - selling various snacks, and people gossiping. Meanwhile, my train made its stop on the expected platform and I boarded the train and occupied my seat that was in First Class AC coach. After settling in, I realized that my fellow passengers were the natives of Lucknow, and the rest of the journey in AII CPR Special was spent discussing about various admiring aspects of the Nawab city, which I was going to explore the next day.


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