Bhimbetka Caves Bhopal - A Heritage Site from the Past


Bhimbetka Caves Bhopal is not very far from the Sanchi Stupa. Both of them are in the Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh. This Palaeolithic site exhibits the earliest evidences of human existence in the Indian Subcontinent. The caves were inhabited by the early ancestors around 100000 years ago. The area has an abundance of natural resources with a huge diversity in the plants and animals available here. The rock paintings of the caves are more than 30000 years old depicting the lifestyle of the ancient people. The site was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003.


Bhimbetka Caves Bhopal
Bhimbetka Caves Bhopal | Image Resource :


The name of the place means the “sitting place of Bhima”, a deity from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. He was known for his strength and heroic deeds. It is quite a miracle that the paintings from those early ages have survived for so many years. The colour used in these paintings are vegetable in nature, which helped it endure the brunt of the ages. The different periods can be demarcated by the paintings and drawings in the caves. Some of the periods are – Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Chalcolithic, Early historic and Medieval. A popular rock painting, known as “Zoo Rock”, shows elephants, deer, bison and sambar. There are other hunting scenes, which show hunters with swords, bows and arrows. A large number of such paintings exist and they give us an idea about the daily life of human beings back then.


Bhimbetka Cave Paintings
Bhimbetka Cave Paintings | Image Resource :


A lot of tourists visit Bhimbetka Caves Bhopal at the heart of nature every day. This site located in the cradle of nature is a favourite among them. Visiting the last two spots in my tour to Bhopal was a humbling experience. The fact that nothing is permanent apart from nature was established once again in front of my eyes. These sites have been witnesses to the gradual evolution of human beings from mere hunters to an intelligent sophisticated race who have achieved a lot through technological innovations. The journey back to the hotel through the forests was exciting as I sighted a herd of deer on my way. It was finally time to get back to work.


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