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The chronicles of my tour will be incomplete without a piece on Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, Bhopal. The world-class service that I received from the time I set foot on this luxurious property will remain in mind forever. The hotel is a perfect mix of elegance and class, and the facilities available are the very best. The hotel is a 20-minute drive from the Bhopal Rail Station. A car was provided from the hotel to pick me up from the station. Hence, the moment I set foot on the station the comfort ability of life went a notch higher. As the name suggests the hotel is literally a heavenly palace with all its opulence and luxury.


Jehan Numa Palace Hotel Bhopal
Jehan Numa Palace Hotel Bhopal | Image Resource :


The interiors of the hotels are inspired from classical Greek and Italian revival architecture. The property belongs to the colonial times when India was under the rule of the British. It was awarded Best Heritage Hotel several times by the national and state governments. One feels rejuvenated by the warm surroundings of the hotel. The swimming pool was one of my favourites and I refreshed myself by having a dip in it. The tranquillity of the surroundings calmed down my mind after a tiring day of travel.


Swimming Pool In Jehan Numa Palace Hotel
Swimming Pool In Jehan Numa Palace Hotel | Image Resource :
Shahnama | Image Resource :


The restaurants of the hotel were lavish in their spread and being a foodie I gorged on the delicacies. The flavours were authentic like that of home food. Shahnama was my favourite among the lot and made me feel like a Nawab.



The Fitness Centre of the hotel was my go to place in the mornings. A brief workout helped me get ready for the day. On a couple of days when I was really tired due to long travels I relaxed in the spa. The trio of mind, body and soul were taken care of. The rooms were very comfortable and fully furnished. I stayed in one of the Imperial rooms of the hotel. They had a sitting area having a sofa set that was separate from the main room. The facilities at Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, Bhopal were the best. The trip recharged me for the coming months of hard work.


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