Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal as the Art Hub


After a quick breakfast at a restaurant, I headed towards my next destination in the city tour, Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal. Bharat Bhavan is a huge complex built for various forms of art and also has several museums in them. This centre was started in 1982 and has become an integral part of Bhopal now. A tour of the city would be incomplete without a visit to Bharat Bhavan. The complex is near to the Upper Lake of Bhopal on the J.Swaminathan Marg at Shamla Hills. This is an autonomous centre run by the trust of Bharat Bhavan comprising of 12 members. I was pleased to visit this place as I am an avid lover of art.


Bharat Bhavan
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The renowned artist J.Swaminathan was instrumental in setting up this centre. The thought process behind setting up this centre was to create a place where artists from various forms of art could meet each other and interact. Charles Correa, a renowned architect designed this centre giving it a campus-like feel. The building represents architecture of modern India. I visited all the various wings of the centre – Rangmahal, Chhavi, Vagarth, Anhad, Roopankar and Nirala Srijanpeeth. Rangmahal was a repertory for theatre where noted theatre artist, B.V. Karanth had staged various plays in the past showcasing the different forms of folk present in the region.

Chhavi was a classical cinema centre, where famous cinemas from the past were shown. Most of these movies were based on the classics. Vagarth housed an archive, a library and a translation centre acting as Indian Poetry centre. The poet in me tickled, poetry being one of my favourite hobbies. I moved ahead to Angad, the centre for music of various forms. Various dance recitals are held here and classical music pieces such as Parampara and Saptak are organized here. Rangmahal was next on the way. A Fine Arts’ Museum is present here consisting of a gallery of modern art and contemporary folk art. The creative writing centre, Nirala Srijanpeeth was the last of the galleries.

The visit was very enriching for me. A centre like Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal shows the cultural progress of man over the years. The Lakshmi Narayan Temple was on my schedule after this and I got moving.


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