Train Travel from Jaipur to Bhopal by JP Madras Express – The Journey Begins


Hi! I am here again, and I want to post a few blogs on my visit to interesting places in Bhopal. My journey to the city of lakes started on the 8th of December. I have always had an interest in the history and culture of our country. The state of Madhya Pradesh, especially the city of Bhopal is steeped in history; it is also the capital of the state. Having reached the station well in advance I stocked myself with a couple of magazines for reading during the journey. The train started right on schedule and I was ready for the wonderful journey ahead. These trips are an integral part of my life as they help me in recharging myself for the stressful life of a businessman. The train travel from Jaipur (JP) to Bhopal (BPL) by JP Madras Express was the beginning of what promised to be a great trip.


Jaipur Railway Station
Jaipur Railway Station | Image Resource :


It was a 12-hour journey and so I settled down in my seat. The AC compartment of the train was very comfortable as it was cold outside. I started reading the magazines I bought lying down on my seat. An elderly couple were seated opposite to me. After a while we introduced ourselves and started chatting. They happened to go to Madras, now known as Chennai for medical treatment. Their only son lived abroad and they spent a rather lonely life. By the end of the journey, we ended up exchanging phone numbers and I asked them to get in touch with me in case they needed any kind of help in Jaipur.


Delicious Dinner In Train
Delicious Dinner In Train | Image Resource :


The train staff members were very courteous and they served a delicious dinner right at 9:00 pm. After finishing of our food, we chatted for some more time before retiring for the night. I started writing my diary for the trip lying on my seat. The chronicles of my numerous journeys have always helped me in remembering the wonderful moments of a particular trip.  The charm of handwritten notes will never cease. After a good sleep, I woke up the next morning. The train travel from Jaipur (JP) to Bhopal (BPL) by JP Madras Express was smooth as the train reached Bhopal on time. I had to go to the hotel for a short while before heading for my first destination, the Birla Museum.


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