Musammam Burj, Agra - Showcasing a Fine Piece of Architecture


If you have been reading my blog, this is the next posting of my visit to Agra, after the last one to Kolkata. I hope that this blog I am writing will help you to get a glimpse of India’s glorious past and ancient heritage. If you have any comments or suggestions, you are most welcome. As I told you in my earlier posts, I visited the Agra Fort on the first day of my visit in Agra and here I had the opportunity to visit Musammam Burj, Agra also. Agra is one of the finest masterpieces in Agra Fort and which anyone visiting Agra must visit.


Musamman Burj Agra
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Musammam Burj attracts lots of tourists from all over India and abroad with its exquisite beauty and glorious past. Visitors can visit the place from 6 am to 5.30 pm. Inside the Agra Fort I was approached by a guide who offered to take me around. He led me to Musammam Burj, which looked very beautiful and elegant. I saw that it was an octagonal tower with eight sides, and quite near the Diwan-e-Khas Hall. The interior is fully marbled and well decorated and engraved. From one of the windows in Musammam Burj I had a clear view of the Taj Mahal. I took many photographs of the place to carry them as a memento.



There is a small pavilion near the tower called Shah Burj, which is fully decorated. It has a lotus tank in the centre with a fountain, and is decorated with semi precious stones. The marble roof of the pavilion shows that it was once painted royally with gold and many other colors.

The guide told me that Musammam Burj, Agra, was built by Shah Jahan between 1631 and 1640 for his wife Mumtaz Mahal and offers views of Taj Mahal. It had small ornamental niches from where the women could watch out without being seen. The guide explained to me that it was here that Shah Jahan spent his last days when he was taken as a prisoner by Aurangazeb and breathed his last, gazing at the Taj Mahal.


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