Khas Mahal, Agra - One of the Masterpieces of Mughal Architecture


Having a liking for luxury, I always opt for luxurious travel and stay at luxurious star hotels. So the hotel I booked in Agra is also a 5 star luxurious hotel. Meditation and relaxation help me to keep mentally fit and fine. I went to visit the Khas Mahal, Agra when I visited the Agra Fort on my first day at Agra. As usual there were many tourists eagerly waiting to get inside the fort. I took the entry ticket and got in. it is a beautiful piece of architecture and you must visit it when you are in Agra.


Khas Mahal Agra
Khas Mahal Agra | Image Resource :


The visiting time at Khas Mahal is from 6 am to 5.30 pm and it is one of the 16 structures found in Red Fort. The building was started in 1639 and completed construction in 1648. An estimated amount of fifty lakhs rupees was needed for the construction. I was very impressed by its craftsmanship and beauty. On one side of it is the river and on the other side, there is the Anguri Bagh. There is a beautiful fountain in front, marble pavilions and courts. The central hall led to rooms on either side. The ceilings are richly decorated and show intricate designs. The walls in the main hall had niches, and it is believed that once they held the portraits of the Mughal emperors. There is a beautiful balcony here from where you get a view of the Taj Mahal.


Angoori Bagh Agra
Angoori Bagh Agra | Image Resource :


It is said that it was constructed by Shah Jahan for his two favorite daughters Jahanara and Roshanara. It is believed that of the two identical pavilions, Jahanara occupied the north pavilion and Roshanara occupied the other one. There are high marble walls to separate the two pavilions from the central hall. Each part of the structure has a lot to speak about history and the glorious past. I could also see many mural paintings and other decorations on the wall. As a lover of history I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Khas Mahal and the adjoining places. I also visited other parts of Agra Fort and came back learning a lot about the Mughals and their culture.


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