Train Travel from Jaipur to Agra By Agra Super Fast Takes Only A Few Hours

Indian history and culture always fascinate me and whenever I get time I go around India exploring India’s past, its countless monuments, visiting ancient cities and meeting people.  Being an ardent traveler, I have visited many places, the recent being Kolkata. I enjoy posting the account of my travel in my blog. I have a collection of history books that I buy wherever I visit. This time I have planned to visit Agra as it a favorite destination for any history lover who love visiting forts and monuments.  I chose train travel from Jaipur to Agra by Agra Super Fast in the first class as it gave an opportunity to view some of the scenic places on the way and meet lots of people.

Jaipur Railway Station | Image Resource :
Jaipur Railway Station | Image Resource :

The scheduled time of the train at Jaipur railway station was at 4.05 am and reached I the station half an hour before the time. My friend offered to drop me at the railway station. The train arrived on time and I boarded the train. The train travel is the best way to get a firsthand knowledge of the culture of India as you come across people from different states on your travel. This time it was a Guajarati family that sat in front of me and they offered me the food they prepared. It tasted a lot different from what I had at home. Local cuisines always differ from place to place.

Cup of Coffee | Image Resource :
Cup of Coffee | Image Resource :

After talking to them for a while, I had a cup of coffee and went to sleep for an hour or two. I got up at 7 in the morning and gazed outside enjoying the scenery.

Agra railway station | Image Resource :
Agra railway station | Image Resource :

The train arrived at Agra railway station at 8.25 and I got down seeing a crowded station. Many of them were tourists like me some alone and some with their families. I had booked a luxurious hotel in Agra and I took a taxi to my hotel. The train travel from Jaipur to Agra by Agra super fast took only about four and a half hours. Since I had to get up early, I lost some of my sleep. However, I felt refreshing after I reached the hotel.

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