Exploring Jaipur - The Land of Royals

For anyone who loves exploring various cultural sites and historical places in India, Jaipur happens to be the safest haven. I could say so because I have been personally associated with the Pink City for over 40 years. Jaipur is my hometown and I love everything about it.

From culture to festivals and even folk dances here, you will find a mesmerizing allure in all that you see and experience in Jaipur. Anyone who wants to experience the best of India, Jaipur would be the perfect host.

Being a major hub of arts and crafts, Jaipur produces authentic handicrafts that affect quite a large population of the city. It touches all occupations with beautiful and most attractive handicrafts ranging from block printing, stone carving, kinari and zardozi to bandhani, meenakari and silver jewellery as well. Jaipur arts and crafts are well recognized worldwide for all obvious reasons.


Then comes another striking feature of the city - the cuisine. Rajasthani cuisine is greatly inspired by the Rajput and food of the royals. Popular Jaipuri foods consist of Dal Baati Churma, Gatte Ki Sabzi and Missi Roti. Sweet dishes play an important role in Rajasthani cuisine hence some of the popular sweets are Ghevar, Feeni, Moong Thal and Gajak.

Festivals of Jaipur are filled with zeal and fervour. Since childhood, I have not missed celebrating even one festival with my loved ones. Popular celebrations in the city include Diwali and Teej. The Gangaur Festival and Jaipur Literature Festival is organized with great enthusiasm.

Apart from everything else, what I really love about the city is the inclusion of Rajasthani folk dance. No celebration is complete without artists performing typical folk dances -- the Ghoomar and the Gair Ghoomar, which is performed by both men and women. It is a tribal dance and mainly characterized by the ethnic group of Bhils.

The people here are very warm. Although they are traditional, the Rajasthani people are keen on accepting innovative ideas and new concepts. They are warm and display their love for the Motherland by draping themselves in colourful, traditional attires. Jewellery is a chief add-on as far as their regular appearance is considered. Marwari, Hindi and English are the spoken languages of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Experience true warmth and humility in the air in the lap of Jaipur and you are sure to fall in love with the city, just like me!

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