Eden Garden Kolkata : The Prestigious Heritage Of Cricket!

One summer evening, my younger son came rushing to me with his progress card and my brilliant boy had secured a very good grade in his annual exams. I had promised him for a summer trip of his choice long before and I know this is the right time to fulfill his wish. Kolkata is one of the vibrant cities in India. As a culture/ history lover, visiting ancient places was always a treat to me and I have great contentment in exploring historical places around India. Since this was his trip, I wanted to know my son’s desire as well. Among the various scenic places in Kolkata, he was more than excited to visit the Eden Garden since he was a cricket freak.

Eden Garden Kolkata | Image Resource : wikipedia.org
Eden Garden Kolkata | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

Ten days later, my family was prepared to visit Kolkata with sheer happiness and excitement. We had a luxurious travel in one of the finest first class flights and reached Kolkata with comfort. We straightaway went to the hotel where I had booked my rooms much earlier to avoid any hassle. It is one of the luxurious star hotels and we were totally awe-struck with the lavish décor. I had planned the entire trip and the main motive was visiting monuments, visiting forts and knowing its glorious histories. As per my son’s request, we started our trip with the visit to the Eden Gardens.

Eden Garden was established in the year 1864 and it is one of the iconic cricket stadiums in the world. Since the city was vibrantly suffering from IPL fever, we got luckily got tickets for the evening match. We were astound to watch jam packed spectators roaring with respective flags and score cards and the ground was so huge than what we had anticipated. I could see the big grin on my son’s face and I was hope that I stud up to his expectations. Any cricket lover’s dream is to watch a fiery match on ground along with the captivating audience. After witnessing an enthralling match, we had traditional Bengali food in the local cuisine and went back to the hotel with sheer contentment. We were so happy to get a glimpse of the most happening cricket stadiums in the world and also a frisky 20-20 match!

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